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When you’re ready, iScribed is there to get the job done.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The meeting went better than expected. All remarks have been recorded. Now, you just have a few short days to get everything said down on paper. This presentation must be absolutely perfect. But there’s a slight glitch. The audio file is still sitting on your desk, with no one available to work on it. The recording will take hours to transcribe. Who can do it? Your associates are already stretched to the max. And after a long day’s work, no one in the group really wants to spend yet another late night stuck transcribing yet another recording. If that’s not bad enough, who will make sure the document reads perfectly? Remember the last time you had the recording transcribed in-house, there were errors and a few important paragraphs were left out. Now what?

We get it. Your time is precious. Every single word on every single transcribed document must be impeccable. You need to turn the project over to experienced pros—experts in the audio transcription field—professionals you can rely upon to keep all information confidential and to turnaround your files quickly and error-free. Plus, as with all businesses these days—you need to keep well under budget.

Sounds like what you really need are the services of iScribed.

When deadlines loom, our team is there to help. At iScribed Audio Transcription Service we strongly believe your business success is our success.

Place your order today. You’ll be delighted with the results.